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        APP plastic modified bitumen waterproofing membrane
        APP plastic modified…
        KMS doppelter St?rke anti durchdringen die Polyethylen laminiertes Kompositklebstoff wasserdichte Membran
        KMS doppelter St?rke…
        FES window self-adhesive waterproof
        FES window self-adhe…
        KDS advanced composite D-type self-adhesive waterproofing membrane
        KDS advanced composi…
        PVS waterproofing membrane
        PVS waterproofing me…


        • August 23, 2014 Our new green …

          Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) is jointly invested by Shanghai Lujiazui Exhibition Development Co., Ltd. and Deutsche Messe AG International (Messe Messe …[+more]

        • July 25, 2014 Shanghai Pudong …

          Shanghai Pudong New Area Planning and Design Institute was established in 1993, is to meet the Pudong New Area Development and set up, is attached to the Shanghai Pudong …[+more]

        • June 23, 2014 in Shanghai Pudo…

          Shanghai Pudong Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. (PDAD) was established in October 1998 in the original Pudong Architectural Design and Research In…[+more]

        • June 19, 2014 Zhejiang Dongdu …

          Zhejiang Dongdu Architectural Design and Research Institute, founded in 1958, is the only one of the original coal Ministry of the system to industrial and civil architec…[+more]


        Geographical advantage
        On the basis of Suzhou City, an ideal waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic Taihu Lake, near Lake Wetland Park is a natural and cultural blending distinctive original fashion recreation area, highlighting the natural, ecological, rustic charm ", into elements such as viewing, cultural....